Silent Generators - Generator Noise Information

Whether you need a silent generator for camping, for powering a workshop without disturbing your neighbours, or just backing up your mains supply ready for a power-cut, we have a suitable silenced generator for you.

The volume of a generator is measured in decibels, using a measure called dB(A). This measurement scale is designed around human hearing from a distance of 7 metres so as to be useful for comparison: Please see the table below to compare our silenced generators to a range of familiar sound levels.

Most campsites have noise limits that require any generator to be silenced - below 60 dB(A).

A silent generator uses sound-adsorbing padding and rubber vibration mounts to minimize sound and vibration transmitted to the outside.

Generator Noise Levels Comparison:

Silenced Generator Noise Levels Comparison

Featured Silent Generators:

Champion 82001i-E - 2kw Silenced Inverter Generator - 53db(A) SDMO iPRO 3000 UK - Silenced Inverter Generator - 51dB(A) Pramac P12000 11.9 kVA Silenced Petrol Generator - 61dB(A)

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Silenced generator dB(A)@7m Comparison
  20 quiet room
  30 library
  40 living room
82001i-E 53dB(A)
iPRO3000 51db(A)
50 conversation
P12000 61dB(A) 60 busy restaurant
Typical unsilenced generator ~76dB(A) 70 hairdryer
  80 lorry
  90 petrol lawnmower
  100 chainsaw
  110 rock concert