230v to 110v Transformers?


110v Transformers with tool rated performance suitable for intermittent running of powertools and continuous running of lighting products within specified capacity. Case manufactured from GRP and insulated to class H. Fitted with thermostatic overload protection.
Supplied with 16Amp / 110v sockets and 2m three-core cable.

110v Transformer

Model Rating Sockets
TR1000 1000W 1
TR1500 1500W 2
TR2000 2000W 2
TR3000 3000W 2

Single Phase Transformer & Three Phase Transformer

10 KVA Continuously Rated Three Phase Site Transformer (BS4363).
MCB protection on input and output circuits

Transformer 110v

Model Rating Input Output Sockets
TS0111 10kva 240AC 110AC 4x16A - 2x32A
SR4TC10 10kva 400-415AC 110AC 4x16A - 2x32A